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The Vault at PfaffsAn Archive of Art and Literature by the Bohemians of Antebellum New York
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Text for Page 173 [04-27-1860]

	             and Album.
and poetastically-orthodox.     Rhymes by �Jule�
and t�other girl.            Rhymes and blank � very
blank verse � by enamored initials. �A
letter from a New York manager in answer to
an application for an engagement� (by Granville)
� so entitled by the indignantly dramatic Lotty.
�Twas written by C.D. Stuart, alias O�Flaher-
ty.     A confused, scrawled intimation of �Sir
My company is made up.�        Reminded me of
the �Rich� note to Hogarth�s poor author.   Old cari-
catures of Quae Genus and Dr. Syntax, barba-
rous Rowlandson or Gillray illustrations to the
�Vicar of Wakefield.�     Portrait of Granville�s
mother, a handsome Englishwoman, and sis-
ter.       Book-of-beauty heads.    Engravings and
things a good deal mauled by children.        That
was Lotty�s Album.             The girls went out
to the woods, I believe; Lott and I sat talking,
she occasionally making characteristic, impulsive
not particularly necessary raids into this or that
room adjoining.      She told me an immense
deal about herself, both on this occasion
and subsequently: I shall lump it together,
without comment or question; it were impossi-
be to achieve anything like the whole truth,
one must make the best of fragments.      She
lived awhile � so I understood � with Mrs               
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