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Text for Page 176 [04-27-1860]

              Lotty�s Accomplishments.
of the world, declarations of wilful indepen-
dance, of ill-usage, recriminations, charges
of selfishness against Everybody, contradict-
ions, repressions, falsifications, these sin-
gular confessions come from a mind like
a troubled sea, continually casting up mire
and dirt.     She has learnt Nothing at all
� is as wrong-headed as ever, she never will
learn anything.         Much of this I heard as
she sat on a sofa beside me, smoking a
cigar which I gave her, which she let out
three or four times, relighting it and persist-
ing^|ed| in finishing.   She swears, too, on provoca-
tion.        Some man attempted to enter the
house nocturnally, after Granville�s departure
was known in the village, which aroused
Lotty and alarmed �Jule.�      Lotty addressed
him from a window of their chamber,
d____d his soul to h__l and more.      Next
day she got a pistol, which I saw.       She
boasts of her skill as a markswoman.
Thus the afternoon wore on.      Lotty was
at work making a clam-pie (which ate
well subsequently at supper) and I had
rambled out, when on returning I found
her mother in the room.      The ex-Mrs Kid-
der and present Mrs. Morse is perhaps               
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