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Text for Page 178 [04-27-1860]

	  A pen-and-ink Photo.
At about 8 1/2 Morse came in, having returned
from New York.    Lotty ran out and did the
dutiful, kissing him!          Morse seemed a little
graver, more matured, quietly Epicureanish,
as of yore.        He took his wife off in half
an hour.         Will smoked my pipe and drank
cider with �Jule� and t�other Lotty, I partook
of schnapps with his sister � ordered �medi-
cinally� for her.          The rest retired by
10, Lotty and I sat up talking till 12,
when she showed me to �my� room up-stairs,
going to bed herself in the adjoining one, which
she shared with �Jule.�              I have often
attempted a description of Lotty�s personal
appearance, with more or less of exaggeration,
perhaps inevitable to the subject.      Let me
try it once more, carefully this time.        She
must be, now, about five and twenty.     She is
very short in figure, not much, if at all
over five feet in height.     She looks stouter
than she used to be, not slender-waisted,
� to use an expressive vulgarism rather �chun-
ky� in short.       Her feet are not small, nor
large, with but little heel to them; they look
pretty enough in boots, scarcely so well in
shoes.     (She is very demonstrative with them
occasionally displaying her legs freely enough.)               
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