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Text for Page 179 [04-27-1860]

Her face is squarish at the top of the countenance
(the impression of which is increased by her
frequent fashion of wearing her hair parted rather
squarely over her forehead)   
but oval below, at a little distance
it looks charmingly so.      Her hair of the deepest
shade of brown, that ordinarily mistaken for
black is so curly and matted that, taken in
connection with other particulars, I can easily
understand the mistake of some Southern
bumpkin who, arriving at a hotel and en-
countering Lotty on the staircase, took her for
a mulatto chambermaid!        (Was it altogether
a mistake though?        She says she has Indian
blood in her, on the maternal side; I could
almost believe it African.)   Her forehead is
neither high nor low, her eyebrows jetty black
and thick, her eyelashes black, her eyes large
and very brown � with a brown splendor in
them wondrous to look on.    Her nose, rather
thick at the bottom, turns up a little.          Her
mouth without being thin-lipped is not full or
sensuous, but at once singularly witching, inno-
cent and willful in expression � I never saw
any mouth like it.   She has just a suggestion
of moustache, which is in perfect keeping with
the rest of her countenance.      Her complexion               
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