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Text for Page 180 [04-27-1860]

	A Night at Fordham.
inclines to yellow, has no red in it, is
much freckled, sometimes even coarsely
so, for the freckles vary and deepen with her
health.          These are the items, but with
them, it seems contradictory to assert that the
general effect is extremely fascinating.    Seen
from a little distance, dressed prettily, as
she was during the latter half of the day,
she looked beautiful.        Most people think
her so.       I fancy the admiration she excites
in men is not of a very gentle or pure order.
I think, too, she�s about the most unreasona-
ble woman in the world and that the
miserable men who have had her, have
paid a miserable price for it.
  28.  Saturday.  Slept but little, the stran-
geness of the bed and situation keeping me
awake.         So I lay latish, till 8 in the
morning and then, getting up, did so by an
hour and more before the rest of them, though
Master Will had taken himself off to New
York and business, not too willingly.   Loaf-
ed about and took a ramble through the
village, up a hill-side road.     The morning
inexpressibly beautiful, the air sweet, pure
and delicate, spring grass bright and
green, tree-shadows on the quiet road, every               
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