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Text for Page 181 [04-28-1860]

	 A Call on Mrs. Morse.
thing tranquil and lovely.       Back again,
more loafing and pipe-smoking on the stoop
till the lazy Lotty appeared and didn�t like
being chaffed about her late rising.      About
the place with her, to the hen-house &c � dis-
covery of newly-born chickens.    Lotty had
got herself up more carefully and prettily than
is her morning�s rustic want, I fancy.         She
wore a light dress, a big round hat with the
lowest of crowns, fabricated of brown straw,
and her hair was compressed smoothly to her
head.      Breakfast, during which �Jule� and
t�other Lotty appeared.    More loafing about.
Off with Lotty to visit her mother, at a near
small house adjacent to the railroad, with
garden ground behind it and trees in front.
Lotty had taken it for her mother and Morse.
Half an hour and more in the parlor, while
Mrs Morse t���a���l���k���e���d and Lotty
lay on the carpet, petting and playing tricks
with Morse�s younger born.    She is always
spasmodic.         In the garden, digging up flowers,
which she coveted, and which I carried back
to her house.       Mason and his wife (once Jane
Gibson) are to come to Morse�s to-morrow � �Dick�
going to England in a week or so, the first
time since his leaving it for this country.  His               
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