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Text for Page 072 [04-02-1851]

              Drawing illustrated initial letters on wood, for the �Porcupine� during the
Evening.   Atchien called, a farewell visit; as he and Haydon Hall
leave for China tomorrow.
  3. Thursday.  Office all day.    Evening drawing, save for an
half-hour in Mr Hall�s room, having decended thereto to shake hands
with Haydon, and remaining in converse with the old gentleman. [word crossed out]
[words crossed out]     				What mischief and
ill-blood fools can create.  here these two snobs Surtees and Mason with
their insidious cant of nationality mar daily the good feeling that but for
them would exist at table.  Surtees is a ruffian with a trifle of dandy polish,
and a phiziognomy like a barber�s �dummy�, uses the w in place of the
r, (eshewing the latter wholly,)  laughs in a vulgar gasping style, uses oaths
and viler words to the little woman of aught displease him; � is a useless
cur, doing nothing, born to �consume the fruits of the earth.� � I suppose
he has money.   Mason has quaint humor, great power of irritating small
souls, has been a debauchee, knows obscene songs, drinks, and comes home
at 2 or 3 in the morning, � a queer little dog, but a very little one
to worry so tolerant [word crossed out] and country loving a man as Hall Senior.
[words crossed out]  He has parted with his first born for [word crossed out],
� three years.   Bradley goes too, having parted with wife and family. Haydon�s
newly wed wife goes with him.
  4. Friday.  Office.  Evening. Mr Hart and Dillon calling induced
Alf and self to wander forth, down town, to Liberty Street and the tavern
whereat Richardson calleth o�nights.  Sate reading �Punch� &c till 10,
then back �tew hum.�          This day, at noon got letters from England,
one from my dear Mother, and one from Boutcher.
  5. Saturday.  Office, finishing my work there for this present.
Evening, after an unsuccessfull call at Andrews� returned, and dropping               
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