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Text for Page 183 [04-28-1860]

	     An ungrateful Brother.
�Why didn�t he know that I�d have done any-
thing � worked my fingers to the bone for him,
after I had become his wife?� she�ll say.
Bosh Lotty!      You wouldn�t.     You are ex-
acting and selfish; you suspect everybody of
the worst motives, think no worse of them
when such motives appear, and if you did, as
I believe, work hard to maintain the miserable
Granville, it was from pride � pride, too, which
don�t prevent accepting alms from relatives whom
you vilify, and from equivocal John Wilders
� more than one of them.     What a rabble-
ment of equivocal persons have trailed after
you and how spasmodically have I been sco-
ring it down for the last eight years � and
what a character you�ll make for a book, some-
day!              When we got back to the house,
previous to lunch, Lotty discovered that Will
had eaten a segment of a pie of her making
� a particular and sacred pie, she asserted,
designed for company � id est, some young fool
of an Irishman, named Croly, an admirer
of hers, as I had discovered from Album
poetasticizings.   She made a great row
about this, scolded the servant, denounced
Will, raked up all his shortcomings of deceit,
meanness and selfishness, spake of his begging               
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