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Text for Page 184 [04-28-1860]

	           Lotty �mad.�
and borrowing of her, of her devotion and
self-sacrifice for him (which had been ex-
emplified in turning him out, once, on some
trivial quarrel, to board in New York)
and from thence drifted into incriminations
of all about her.         Did I know what her
bills amounted to per week? how much
sugar or tea had been stolen within two or
three days? she hated to lock things up;
the locks were out of order; keys lost; she
had spent money enough upon the house without 
going to the expense of new ones; she would
do this, that and the other, everybody was
to blame except herself.   She was so morbid,
so utterly ill-balanced that the spectacle was
at once pitiful and hopeless.     She got up
a bit of a cry, and previously resented my
mildly ironical comment on it all.        
Lunch, again with the two girls.         Half
an hour afterwards I said good bye, pretty
weary, nervous and diarrheaish.       Met
Morse at the dep�t and he invited me to
come and visit him.          To New York
by 4 and to Bleecker Street.     Arrived there,
going coolly upstairs, as usual, out comes
Cutler and Mrs Dunham, who are very glad
to see me, who shake me by the hand, as               
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