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Text for Page 185 [04-28-1860]

	     Friendly Apprehensions.
does Mrs. Boley, who comes up-stairs for that
purpose.  Presently I learn that my absence
has caused all sorts of apprehensions as to my
safety, that Morris sat up till 1. A.M. last
night awaiting my return, that he, Cahill
and Haney are at that time searching for me
in Hoboken.     I had no intention of remain-
ing absent all night, so said nothing about it,
and Cahill had coupled my disappearance with
my nervous fit, getting up a pretty fair ag-
gregate of alarm.     Passed three very unpleasant
hours till the fellows came home.       They had
been enquiring for and describing me, as far
as Limouze�s.         Very tired and sickish.
  29.  Sunday.  Resting, bathing, reading
and recuperating generally till sun-set, then
to 16th St.      Haney out.    Supped at Oliver
Hillard�s boarding-house, then leaving him
in the breezy night and Fifth Avenue, on his
way to some orthodox church, I went to Cha-
pin�s.    To 645 subsequently.     The family,
Knudsen and Honeywell.      All the talk about
the fight for the �International Championship�
the news of which, arriving yesterday, excited
an amount of interest exceeding anything, I think, 
ever known here.      No good, whatever, could
of course, come out of such a beastly atrocity,               
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