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Text for Page 186 [04-29-1860]

	    �Momus� a failure
and the prime result is, here, a revela-
tion of the most brutal Anglophobic preju-
dices.   The �Herald,� that devil�s mouth-
piece for the Million�s instinct towards every-
thing base and bad, has an editorial in it
to-day, which ought to have been printed
in blood and ordure.         Young Honeywell
was excited and exercised on the occasion.
Haney had gone off, convoying Miss Ann.
Morris came.          Talking with Sally.
  Addey called this morning, coming up in
my room, where were Boweryem, Cahill
and Morris.    �Momus� is the dreariest of
failures, everyway, the triumvirate on it have
in every respect fulfilled the line in the Litany,
about leaving undone the things they ought to
have done and doing, &c.       The few Sunday
papers that notice, vilify it, even Briggs
(who has written the meanest, trashiest, dirtiest
article in it) casts his stone, too.         So poor
Addey is decidedly chap-fallen; so much so
that when he praised my initial and suggested
they�d like to have more, I put off my refusal
to the score of business, rather than tell
him my fixed intention, of neither writing or
drawing for the paper, unless fairly engaged
on it.       He�s discontented with Rosenberg, Gay-               
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