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Text for Page 188 [04-29-1860]

ler and Briggs and with reason.
  30.  Monday.  Principally scribbling up the
last twenty pages.     Out for a walk as far
as Chamber St. at sunset.         Returning, in
Bleecker Street, met Lotty and Miss Martin.
She was going into a house in Leroy Place, one
to which her Houston St. boarding-house friends
have just moved to.    She intended to sleep at
the Smithsonian, wanted me to call on her, du-
ring the evening.  I saw her, not at the hotel
mentioned, but at the Leroy-place house, for
twenty minutes or so, when her uncle arrived
and called her away.      Didn�t see said uncle,
but she came to New York for that purpose,
so she said.             Haney at supper with us.
Mrs. Potter moves to-day, to another house in
the same street.        Mrs. Griffin ex-Gouverneur
goes security for the rent, in her last-written
name � an illegal transaction, such a one
as women like her and Mrs Potter never
demur at.       Mrs G. will, likely enough, re-
turn to live with Mrs. P.       In which case,
Leslie�s wife objects to boarding there.   Morris
went off with Haney to help him carry things,
subsequently together to Bellew�s.    Boweryem
and anon Morris in my room.            Did not
get to bed till 1, scribbling and talking.               
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