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Text for Page 189 [04-30-1860]

      Addey wants me to edit �Momus.�
A message to me from Addey, through
Cahill, requesting me to see him tomorrow
night, about assuming the editorship.    He wants
to clear out Rosenberg, Gaylor and Briggs by
this week.    Also a request that I should
write a political article, in place of Briggs,
to go in for Wednesday � anything I did should 
go in.       Shall see Addey, but not write
the article, till something definite is done.
  One thing about Lotty, I haven�t put down.
She told me of it as we sat on the stoop, 
in the sunny morning.   That privation and
misery, while in New York, had made her
sick, producing ulcers, which still adhered
to her.     I asked her where, with �Lotty,
you can tell me anything, you know?�    The
answer came, �On my womb.�
  What strange confidences have I had with
this girl!      Never, I think, were such, with-
out sexual relations of which I am inno-
  1.  Tuesday.  Out for a short distance, to
Blakeman�s.        Newman the artist up in
my room, in a great state of funk and               
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