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Text for Page 190 [05-01-1860]

	     I tell him my Sentiments.
excitement about �Momus,� down on Rosen-
berg and pronouncing Addey a weathercock; en-
treating me to come up to-night and settle mat-
ters.        Boweryem, Cahill and Bowman pre-
sent.             Writing.     In the evening to Addey�s
new abode, a boarding-house in 11th street.
He talked awhile of indifferent matters, said
he was going to clear out Rosenberg and Gayler at
the end of the week and to edit it himself.        He
wanted some articles from me �by Friday.�   Whereup-
on I told him my sentiments about the business
and said that I should neither write nor draw, un-
less engaged at a stipulated sum, as men, my in-
feriors, had been; that I declined utterly to have
anything to do with Rosenberg as editor.    Then
he proposed $10 weekly, for writing, from two to
three columns, at my option, which I agreed to.
Newman entered and presently Bellew and Bowery-
em.      Talk till 10 1/2, then out.      With the two B�s
and Cahill for ale in the 6th Avenue, then returned
to Bleecker St.    A wet night.          In the parlor,
listening to singing and singing.     Phillips, Griswold,
Morris, Cahill, Boweryem, Mrs Ham, the two Miss
Woodward�s (recent accessions to our household, one,
who sits beside me at dinner, a pleasant-faced
girl) and Mrs Boley constituted the company.
2.	Wednesday.  A note from Dillon Ma-               
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