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Text for Page 194 [05-02-1860]

        Mrs. W. Leslie and Mrs. Levison.
in strength.
  � What an awful record is this, I�m kee-
  3.  Thursday.  In doors till sunset.
Addey came up in the morning and I had
to rewrite article of mine which had been re-
written into execrable trash by Rosenburg.
At 6 turned out, went up Broadway, over-
taking Frank Hillard, dropping in with him
into the studio of Van Beest, the artist.   To
16th street, Mrs. Potter�s new residence, some
six doors from her former one.     Supped there
with Haney, Leslie and his wife on the other
side of me.     They board there.      Wife not
pretty, looks as if she had a will of her own.
A smoke with Haney and Hayes in a partially
unfurnished room, then the latter went off
to his theatre.    Haney is in treaty with Mrs.
Levison for the sale of his half of the �Nic-nax,�
she designing to purchase and edit (!) it.      The
woman has an eager, clutching idea that there�s
no end of money to be made in the enterprise,
that Haney is lukewarm or dishonest with re-
gard to her interests, a fancy at once foolish
and mean.     He half-projects a visit to
England, which will hardly come to anything.
Out together.     Dropped into a bear-               
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