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Text for Page 195 [05-03-1860]

         �Grizzly Adams� and his Bears.
show, where were a dozen or so of the
animals, of various sizes, from the immense
�grizzly� of the Rocky Mountains, to small-
pig-proportioned ones, in a large cir-
cle, with a highly picturesque �California
hunter and trapper,� yclept old Adams,
as their exhibitor.   He had a huge gray-
grizzled beard, was dressed in a rough
suit of home spun and a hat like a compro-
mise between a sailor�s sou-wester and a
�Californian� wide awake.       His left arm was
in a sling, from the effects of a recent attack
of one of his pets, a formidable-looking brute
truly.        The man went among the bears with
a huge whip, made �em stand up and
do antics.     He talked very western, with a
simplicity of accent quite na�ve and suggestive.
It was a good show generally.        Met Miss
Anne Edwards and the man who will
change that name for her, if ever man do.
Rather �cousin Feenixy� in appearance.    To
745.        The girls, Jack and Knudsen, papa
and mamma Edwards out at the theatre, 
seeing the �Colleen Brown,� which the rest of the
family �assisted� at, last night.              Talking
with Sally and anon Matty.                To the Opti-
mus with Haney subsequently.         He has not               
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