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Text for Page 196 [05-03-1860]

      A letter from G. Bolton.    Home News.
got over his hit by Sally, but her behavior
puzzles him.    I wonder if I understand it.
  4.  Friday.  A note from George Bolton,
imagining my prosperity and congratulating me
on it, telling me that for the last year he
has �worked hard, been almost meanly eco-
nomical� and that by the 1st of April things
looked smilingly, �when his wife lay in.� After
twelve hours of extreme suffering, the child
was taken away forcibly with instruments,
killing it in the operation; the instruments
passing through his forehead and the back of
his head.�       Poor Sarah is getting better now,
but all George�s savings are gone.         He earnest-
ly invites me to visit him, says that Dick is
coming.       Writing, �Momus� work all day till
6, then a walk to Chambers St.            Met Welden.
In the evening to Addey�s with Cahill.        He
read us a lot of trashy communications sent in,
and bored us for an hour, when we left and
I went to Bellew�s, remaining there till near
midnight, talking over things.
  5.  Saturday.  A letter from my mother,
containing payment for my �All the Year Round�
story � �4.4s.                Boutcher�s mother is ill,
not expected to live.         My brother Sam is pros-
perous, �has taken a piece of ground near               
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