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Text for Page 197 [05-05-1860]

           Haney sells out to Mrs. Levison.
Harrow for a garden,� keeps bees and sells
honey; his wife �looking much better in health.�
Mrs. Bennett, my Hannah�s mother, has
�something the matter with her eyes that makes
the family uneasy.�           Mary Ann has written
home, and of her inquiry about my father�s
age my mother [word crossed out] says: �I hardly know
whether it is correct, for he was registered
in some chapel in Banbury, which was burned
down, so we have to guess by Mr. Bolton�s
age.      I think he is older, for he looks it;
he is a sad, miserable-looking man, always
complaining.  I need not tell you it makes
us all unhappy.�              Down-town with
Cahill, to Wiley�s. �Courier� Office, met
Briggs and had talk with him, to Post Office,
Bank, then to �Nic-nax� office.   Haney and
Cahill there; the former having just sold
out �Nic-nax� to Mrs. Levison for �2500,
half of what she bid for it six months ago,
which Haney�s honesty prevented his accept-
ing.    The woman has always suspected him
of being what Cahill calls �a b____y wolf in
sheeps-clothing,� will probably punish her-
self most effectually by this purchase.     Up-
town with Haney, he dining with me, then
off together to Hoboken.   At the               
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