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Text for Page 198 [05-05-1860]

	         Lotty�s Victims.
Elysian Fields found or were found by
Cahill, Morris, Griswold, Cutler, Phillips
and Monroe.       Played base-ball or something
like it till sunset, then back to supper, pretty
well tired.      Billington up, with Cahill,
Morris and Boweryem in my room in the evening.
Cahill was sent for by Mrs. Levison, she
having left a note for him this afternoon.    He
went to see her, effected a temporary engage-
ment as editor of �Nic-nax� at $8, till such
time as she can initiate an unfortunate brother-
in law of Mrs. L�s into the duties of the
post, which relative, having married her young
er sister, unwisely abandons a decent Philadel-
phia position for this post.                   I think
little Boweryem is a little in love with Lotty.
He was palpably envious when I returned
from Fordham, and has talked of her
since as �the most fascinating woman he has
ever met.�   Poor little Bow-woweryem!   I
never knew a man who didn�t confess in some
degree Lotty�s witchery, barring Alf Waud,
who complimented her singing in a heavy manner, when
first introduced, when she said he �soaped
her� and on his learning it, he has disliked
her ever since.   Women only like Alf�s good
looks � nothing else about him.   Little Bowery-               
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