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Text for Page 199 [05-05-1860]

    Mrs. W. Leslie talks of Mrs. Gouverneur.
em complained that there was a young fellow,
a ladies� man� at the Unitary House, who
used to visit Lotty, but who wouldn�t reveal
the place at which she was residing, though she
had invited him, Boweryem, also.
  6.  Sunday.  A June day, sunny and warm.
Chores and writing till 5 1/2, then to 16th
street, where I supped, subsequently staying
till 8 in Leslie�s room with him and his
wife.     She is fair-haired, does not look
very young, nor to my thinking attractive, but
her face betokens intellect allied to a certain
amount of self-assertion, rather latent than
demonstrative.        She has painted in oil, well
for an amateur.             She knows certain of Mrs.
Griffin, ex-Gouverneur�s antecedents, recol-
lects Gill her first husband, Rawson when
a red-haired, freckled boy, his two sisters,
one of whom died and the other went to Aus-
tralia, where she now is.        Mrs. G. lived at
the Howard House awhile, was expelled from
it by the landlord, for an intention of eloping
with a male boarder: she had all her trunks
packed to start, when the affair was discover-
ed.           To 745.     Mr. and Mrs. E. and
Matty.    Rest of the folks came in soon, Sally
Eliza and Honeywell from Chapin�s, Haney               
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