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Text for Page 200 [05-06-1860]

            �Momus� Office.    To Rogues.
from a walk.        Morris came anon.     Stayed
till 11, the usual hour, then home.
  The Poundens have been turned out of Mrs.
Potter�s.   Cause, the man�s relapse into drunkenness
and general offensiveness.   Leslie says Mrs. P.
keeps her son and his family, too, as well as her
husband.      She may contribute towards it, Frank
being desperately out of work.
  7.  Monday.  Writing till 4, then down-town
to �Momus� Office.   A dingy, small room in Tryon
Row, with printers at work in it.              Addey there.
To �Courier� Office, to �Nic-nax,� then up-town
with Haney, looking into �Momus� office again,
to correct proof.       A June day, oppressive
and promising rain, warm, dank, uncomfort-
able.      Writing at night.   Nervous and bothered
by irruptions of folks.
  8.  Tuesday.  Wet, raw day.   Writing
�Momus� copy till 4, then to Office with it,
finding Gayler, Briggs and Addey there, the
first defending the originality of a desperately old
joke, the second foxyish and with red blotches
coming out over his face � facetious as usual.
Addey drifting.        Met Cahill at �Nic-nax� office.
Up-town with him, after dropping in at Crook
and Duff�s, where were George Arnold, looking
handsome, Mc. Lenan, O�Brien (raffish               
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