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Text for Page 201 [05-08-1860]

	  Damoreau�s Confessions
and sharkey) and others.             Writing
nervously till near 12, then went to bed
and couldn�t sleep.  Generally out of sorts and
  9.  Wednesday.  In-doors all the wet dull
day, writing, nervous and miserable.   Damoreau
came in the evening, sat an hour or so, wrote
a letter to his sister, and then we went out for ale
at Haney�s.        Charley got autobiographic and
confidential on the subject of his wife.        How
there is somebody now living in Russia whose
life only intervenes between her and an immense
fortune; how for a certain time she was mis-
takenly in possession of it, when she travelled
throughout the south and lived regally.    How she
is an �extraordinary woman,� and it�s astonishing
how little he knows about her.        How its better,
for a certain anatomical reason (the develop-
ment of a varicose vein in her leg or thigh, in-
cidental to her last lying-in) that they should
live sexually apart for twelve months; that as
he knew the children were thriving under her
care, living in pure country air, he couldn�t de-
mand their presence in New York, removing
to which she demurred against.     So he sent on
all but the $6 which sufficed for his main-
tainance regularly, every week, and was con-               
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