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Text for Page 074 [04-06-1851]

              fumigation, then to bed, Alf and Barth together I in the one
occupied on the former visit.                      I feel as though I had thought
harshly of Barth now � is�t my nature to do so of people? Let me try
and find out.
  7. Monday. Rose, after a sound sleep at 5, to a bright mor-
ning, and breakfast, the latter including shad, which half an hour ago had
disported their tails in the Hudson.  Men after witnessed the feeding
the fowls, to the morning call we sallied out, and saw the morning
inspection of soldiers, band playing inspiriting music, men striding hither 
and thither, bayonets glancing in the sun, and three women looking on.
Then, with Alf, a ramble all round the island, by the beach all 
bestrewn with Neptune�s playthings, tubs, emigrant-ten-water-bottles,
onions, half eaten oranges, animals skulls, and wood and planks sans
limit.  Alf secured-sheep and ram�s skulls.    Before the fort; witnessing
drilling of recruits; looking at the cannon balls, piled in ^|mute| [word crossed out] 
and then returned to the Hospital . /     Crossed to Brooklyn, to New York,
and to Canal Street, calling at Duane on our way.            A letter
for Alf, from Charley, at Boston, intimating that his boss Worcester
needeth the services of an Artist, to make sketches in the vicinity of Boston
and suggesting he�d pay $12 per week,   Meditation thereon;  � a 
portrait sitting before dinner.  Afternoon Alf writes to Charley asking $ 15,
thereto moved by an indifference to removing. [words crossed out]
[words crossed out].                   			 Down town
alone, to Andrews at Nassau Street, with little initial sketches; and
then to Butler�s, (he has the Porcupine title to Engrave,) then to the
Battery, intending to commit Barth�s letters and newspapers to boatmen
for transmission to him, but could not, so returned to Canal and an
evening at scribbling.               
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