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Text for Page 203 [05-08-1860]

her living.     This before people.     He had abstain-
ed from the tremendous retort that might have
been uttered.            Thus Charley, with confiden-
tial particulars as to certain of his New York
doings indicating that his compulsory marital
chastity produces the inevitable result.
9.	Thursday.  To Mercantile Library and
down-town, to �Momus� office � correcting proof
&c.       Day damp and drizzly.        Hither and
thither.       Dropping into King�s shop on returning,
heard particulars how �ungratefully� Mrs. Potter
had behaved to him and family; how magnani-
mously he to her; how he was going to leave.
Out-of-sorts, trying to sleep in the afternoon,
with pains in my back and neck, a bad
cold � didn�t sleep last night � felt ill all
over.    Writing in the evening, left article
at Addey�s house, then to 745.       Welles,
Knudsen, Honeywell, Haney and the girls
there.     Singing from the latter.     Walked
about till midnight with Haney on leaving.
  Alf Waud has gone to Washington, to sketch
the doings of the newly-arrived Japanese embassy.
  11.  Friday.  In-doors till 5 1/2.             Writing letter
to Hannah &c.     Going out to post it, met Banks,
who had a great deal to say about �Momus�
and what a deal he was going to do for it.     Will               
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