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Text for Page 204 [05-11-1860]

	    A Letter from Bob Gun.
Waud came in the evening, talked about his
doings in Charleston, stayed an hour.          To
Bellew�s and returning in the parlor.
  12.  Saturday.  Down-town with Cahill.    To
Addey�s, got $10.   To Post-Office, obtaining a
letter from Bob Gun, which, stupidly rejected at
our house, had been advertised in the published
lists.        He got a letter from Ledger, dated the
8th, has written four to him (which, sent back
by Cahill, have not reached the inditer) and is
anxious about it, as they contained letters
to his father and mother, who, not getting
them, �will think him drowned.�    He �has been
studying the language very closely,� been �very
little out of the house and not at all out of
Havana,� except �along the beach in search of
shells.�   He is lodging in the house with a
Col. Newcomb, correspondent of the �N.Y. Herald,�
sees the papers but wants one illustrated one
with the account of the fight.      Went to a fight
last night �with a hyena, a black panther
and dogs.�     Thus Bob Gun; not a word of
what he�s doing.            To �Nicnax� Office; Ca-
hill and Haney there, anon to �Courier,� got $4
owing for a long time, and read proof.           Up-
town.          In the evening with Bowman, Morris,
and Boweryem to the Academy Exhibition               
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