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The Vault at PfaffsAn Archive of Art and Literature by the Bohemians of Antebellum New York
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Text for Page 205 [05-12-1860]

	    Lotty with a new Victim.
of pictures and dropped into Pfaffs after-
wards.      Rain.
  13.  Sunday.  Chores and [phonography]; Boweryem
up a good deal, talking.    Wrote letter to
Bob Gun in the afternoon.   Banks came.
Out with him, left him, called unsuccessfully
at Haney�s, and Wall�s boarding-houses.   Going
down Broadway, near to Bleecker, passed
� Lotty, with a young fellow �neat, trimly-
dressed,� his nose in the air, evidently in
a state of extreme complacency.  She was nicely-
dressed and looked abominably handsome, gave
me a nod, a smile and a look of the bi big
brown eyes and went her way.     After supping
to Edwards�, Chapins�, then to 745 again,
where I stopped till near 12, an hour later
than usual.       Haney, Honeywell and anon
Morris there.             Talked with Morris Matty
all the time.           I think Honeywell�s nose is
permanently out of joint there, and that all
these girls are naturally, femininely dissatisfied
at their lack of definite lovers � fellows who
will do.     They�re good enough and pretty enough
to deserve �em.
  14.  Monday.  Wrote to George Bolton.   At
�Momus� work most of the day.    Billington
up, to read an article he had written with the               
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