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Text for Page 206 [05-14-1860]

	 Miss Trainque in Trouble.
intention of taking it to �Momus.�     Rain
and scribble all the afternoon.          Damoreau
came at night.     To Haney�s with him, un-
successfully, of course; to Oliver Hillard�s, 
thence with George Jackson, who dropped in,
to his studio to see a bust, &c. of his �scuptling.�
Damoreau left us at the door.              To the
Walls, fining them packing up for to-morrow�s
departure to Bergen Point, there to spend the
summer.     Mrs. Jewell has returned to Bos-
ton.         Stayed till past 11.           Morris over-
took me in our street. I had just un-
dressed, was getting into bed, at 12, yawning
direfully, when he came in with a fifty-verse
poem to read to me!       But he was merciful
and didn�t do it, deferring it to the mor-
ning.         What a many Swivellerish vir-
tues may a man possess, lacking justice and
honesty.    Here�s Cahill, applied to by Phil-
lips for the loan o $4, to help that time-
honored object of sympathy, a female in dis-
tress.     Its poor Miss Trainque with her buxom
proportions and curls, who having but scanty
employment at her book-bindery, spent her
few poor dollars in travel as an �agent�
for Marie Louise Hankins and Fannie Lu-
cele�s trashy newspaper.   Of course she ob-               
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