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Text for Page 207 [05-14-1860]

          The Hankins Couple�s Swindle.
tained few or no subscriptions and is now
stranded high and dry somewhere, I think
at Northampton, unable to pay her hotel-bill
or to her fare home.      So she writes secretly
to Phillips, who is sweet upon her and supposed
^|to be| suspiciously so.     He hasn�t money enough and
applies to Cahill, who of course lends it,
though he owes money to both Mrs. Boley and
little Boweryem.                This �Marie Louise�
is the wife to my old acquaintance, Hankins
of Philadelphia, of the �Empire City,� and
other flash papers, of the Tombs, of the
�Whole World� Gift Enterprize swindle,
of the �Traveller,� and much more.        I see
the fellow in Broadway occasionally, sporting
a prodigious beard and he grins recognizing-
ly at me.          The paper is a trashy, flimsy
affair, kept up by obtaining �young lady� 
solicitors, who go round doing the fascination
business for the victimization of subscribers.
Editors accord puffs to it from gallantry,
to �women who are trying to get a living,� Han-
kins prudently keeping in the rear.        Roberts
asked me to puff it in the �Constellation.�       I
didn�t.             Selina Jewell and her sister
Nellie once applied at Hankins� out of
curiosity and idleness, in answer to his adver-               
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