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Text for Page 208 [05-14-1860]

	          Sally�s Birthday.
tisements.    He found out they knew me, and
praised me hugely; said I was �a good Latin
scholar!�               This Phillips is a kindly,
sawney-speaking fellow with an inventive ge-
nius.     He is going in for a washing-machine
and Cahill predicts he�ll be a richer man
than any boarder in the house in a year or
two.    Likely enough.   Queer, anomalous charac-
teristics men do possess.
  15.  Tuesday.  Addey called for copy.     Writing.
Out for an hour.         Down-town by 4, to �Mo-
mus� Office, �Courier� and �Nic-nax.�  Returned
up-town with Haney, he supped with me,
stayed an hour and then we went to 745.
The girls, Jack and, later, pater and mater-
familias present.    Sally�s 19th birthday to-
morrow.      Haney is trying to get �on� the �Tri-
bune� as mail-editor.
  16.  Wednesday.  Writing during the morning.
Down-town during the afternoon, to �Momus�
Office.      Addey and Briggs there, latter in a
cloak, writing and looking foxy.    Writing
all the evening till 12 and later.
  17.  Thursday.  Early morning walk to 10th
street.     Down-town with Bowman; to Harper�s
with story.     Talking with John Bonner and
Nordhoff when Bellew came.     Together we found               
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