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Text for Page 209 [05-17-1860]

	      At Crook and Duff�s.
John McLenan in the store room below and
after waiting for half an hour, talking, went up
to Crook and Duff�s, then at high noon and
full of people.    Banks was there and presently
joined us to introduce a Mr. Phillips, recently
appointed editor to the �Illustrated News,� the
paper Alf Waud and Sol Eytinge are on.        He
is an Englishman, has written under the name
of �January Searle.�     Brightly came in and
joined us.        Banks was in a state of fluttered
approbativeness, said privately to me that five
such persons accidentally drinking to together
it would be hard to parallel.        I told Bellew
and his eyes laughed.       While talking, young
Frank Wood turned from the counter, at which
he was seated on a stool, eating something, to
shake hands with Bellew.   Boy�s face he has
still.           With Banks and Bellew to go to �Mo-
mus� office, but met Morris who reported Addey
out.           Up-town with Bellew, till he took om-
nibus at Spring St.           Writing all the evening
and part of the afternoon.
  18.  Friday.  After breakfast to Addey with
copy.  Wrote another article there.   Newman
returned to Bleecker St with me and I took him
to an engine-house, he wanting to sketch a �machine.�
Addey is �editing� Momus to the dogs and Newman               
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