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Text for Page 210 [05-18-1860]

	More of �Momus.�    Rosenberg.
is very dissatisfied with him.     Rosenberg, says
Newman, brings columns of dreary stuff which
Addey puts in, Briggs do.      The man who talks
loudest convinces Addey, &c. &c.   They are going
to sink the daily issue in a weekly, very soon,
(tother will sink, too, in good time.)  Newman is
the most nervous man I ever encountered.       In-
doors all the rest of the day, making three drawings
on wood for �Nic-nax.�   With Cahill to Bellew�s in
the evening and stayed there till past 11, looking
into the �Optimus� afterwards.   When we got home,
found Corbin in Morris� room, with him and
Boweryem.      Cahill went out with the two for-
mer for beer and oysters, and at about 2 or 3
in the morning they woke up his room-mate, Jones
to play at cards.
  19.  Saturday.  Drawing awhile, then
down town.    To �Momus� Office, Rosenberg
there, sitting writing.     (I hear he�s a Jew � looks
like a German one, gross, fat, heavy-jowled,
black-haired, hair cropped French-fashion.)
To �Courier� Office, P.O. to �Nic-nax� and Ha-
ney�s newly-taken room in the same building.
Cahill, Haney and presently Bellew in the
latter office.    Out with Bellew, to find Addey.
Overtook Hayes the engraver and Damoreau the
wordy in Ann Street, together to a restaurant               
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