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Text for Page 211 [05-19-1860]

	  An English Dinner-Party.
in William.        Bellew and I up-stairs,
where we found the object of our quest seated
at a table in company with a dozen or more
men, mostly Englishmen, who dining or lunch-
ing there day after day, hold an informal club
of an hour and a half�s duration.      When the anni-
versary of their birthdays occurs, the individual
born treats the company.      This happening to day,
speeches were made, in one of which the father of
the individual born did the eloquential, the pater-
nal, the philanthropic and incidentally informed
the company that his son�s wife was in the family
way!          The whole thing was eminently George the
Fourthish � belonged to the dark ages.              So much
of good intentions, with such extraordinary taste or
want of it.          Addey made his jokes and twitched
his nose, presently leaving and giving myself
and Bellew checks for our money.     Having cash-
ed mine, I took omnibus up-town.            My room
whitewashed, cleaned out.     Dined, dressed and
by 3 � came Boweryem.      Off per car to Robin-
son St. pier.     Red Bank boat having started
we took the one to Key Port.   A lovely, sunny,
breezy afternoon, distant partial rain-storms
curious to see in the west.       Two and a half
hours journey brought us to Key Port, where
we entered a �stage� for Colt�s Neck, a place               
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