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Text for Page 075 [04-08-1851]

              8. Tuesday.  Drenching rain and boisterous wind all day. Drawing
Genin�s caps.  Alf opposite me, drawing picture frames for his boss.
Evening commenced a letter to my mother.
  9.  Wednesday.  A call on Roberts, leaving Picton�s portrait with him
for engraving.  Then to Dykink, and to Genins, found the latter dining
in the liquor saloon below his store, and meekly enow, (�on a plate of
beef and potatoes and turnips �mixed�.)   To the Post-Office, to the Battery
leaving newspapers and letters for Barth, and then, returning called at
Holts, learning that Dillon and Mr Hart were on the country.    Drawing
during the afternoon, and writing in the evening.
  10. Thursday. Strolled to the depot of the New Haven Railroad, and
learnt the time of the cars leaving for New Rochelle, thinking of going thither 
to morrow.  Returning drawing Genins caps, and a design for a poster for
the �Era.�   Engaged on the latter all day.  Mr Johns calling in the
morning, and Joe in the evening.   By this days mail, Mason receives
a letter, announcing the death of an elder brother.   Joe reading
Boccace,  Alf the �Indicator.�
  11. Friday. Drawing at the �Era� poster till afternoon, then down
town with it. Marvellously approved of. To Wells and Webb�s, to
Butlers, a call at Andrews, ( he out,)  then to Park Place seeing
the boys and Mac, then returned.   Alf has received a visit from
a messenger from Boston, closing with his terms of $15 per week.
So he anticipates going next week.
  12. Saturday. To the New Haven Railroad depot by 9, and there
paid my thirty cents for acceleration to New Rochelle, designing a visit, as
promised to Mr Hart and Dillon. A fine sunny breezy morning, pro-
mising a warm day.  Well-dressed folks in the cars, male and female,
a supercilious woman kissed by man parting with her, then resorting to paper               
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