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Text for Page 212 [05-19-1860]

	      A Country Excursion.
twelve miles distant, the name of which
hastily pronounced we at first mistook for Cold
Snake and amused ourself thereon.      Fellow
passengers, a girl who sat beside me, with rather
a pleasant and intelligent countenance, a bonnet
in her lap; a grayish-bearded and approbative-
ly colloquial Jersey rustic, who had some acquaintance
with her.   Behind, two women, one youngish,
with a baby, the mother presumably a farmer�s
wife, with the usual aggressive self-esteem of Ame-
rican women, which they consider spirited and
smart, which is simply brutal, which the men
truckle to.      T�other woman was a garrulous
elder who had travelled 1,500 miles out
west, where �the sceneries was elegant, though
mountaineous,� who had heroically carried off a
coffee-cup at a way-side refreshment-station,
not being allowed time to drink its contents
and who didn�t approve of making acquaintances
with strangers � all of which she enlarged upon
with much loquacity.           Quiet country, scent
of moist, loamy earth, anon a smart shower
of rain, woods, zigzag fences, fields and
white wooden houses.    Quite dark presently.
Descended at within two miles of our
destination and tramped the remainder, going
out of our way but meeting a Jersey youth               
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