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Text for Page 213 [05-19-1860]

	The �Phalanx� in New Jersey.
who set us right and bore us company
till within fifteen minutes walk of the �Pha-
lanx.�     This place originated fifteen or more
years ago in an attempt at carrying out Four-
ier�s communistic projects, a number of people
purchasing land and erecting buildings on it, of
which the biggest now forms the present hotel.
Brisbane, Greeley and others of that ilk had a
good deal to do with it.       George Arnold spent
some years of his boy-hood here, his father being
always an ismy man.            The project came to
an end in due time, but the place retains some
of its associations yet; people who dwelt there
visit it in summer, as a pleasant sojourn in easy
access to the city.     Saw Warren the landlord,
a Jerseyman, and very much so, and a tall,
white-haired English resident; got a rere-sup-
per of eggs and bacon and by 10 to-bed, in
a capacious, double-bedded room on the ground-
floor.      The night was cold and dank and
tranquil and the wind blew occasionally.
  20.  Sunday.  A breezy but very sunny day.
Breakfast, with landlord, Boweryem, Englishman,
a Mr. and Mrs. Baldwin from New York; latter
nice-looking, her husband conversible, and an old
lady, other to Warren�s partner, English-born.
Loafing about.    Joined by Stedman, who had               
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