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Text for Page 214 [05-20-1860]

	     Stedman and his Wife.
came down like us on Saturday, but by the
Red Bank boat.         With him, Baldwin and Bowery-
em for a morning�s ramble into the adjacent wood
and by the little stream, talks about the Phalan-
sterians, Boweryem�s �duel,� �Momus,� Pfaff�s
�Bohemians� and things in general.     At dinner
introduced to Stedman�s wife.         Very nice-looking,
brown hair, no unpleasant Yankeeisms in her
speech, as I think.     Pretty name, too � Laura.
She, with her children, a sturdy boy of 3 and
a baby; has left the Unitary Home to reside here
for the summer, her husband coming down from
the city once a fortnight.      With such a wife, I
should be hardly content to be pent in the hot
city, and away from her pleasant face and 
the green trees.      He has the post of �First Re-
porter� on the �Tribune,� is a good fellowx, rather
opinionative, short in stature, with a large, high-
bridged nose, eyes a little too near together,
otherwise good-looking.     He admires Tennyson
most of all poets, as his writings indicate, would
like to travel, to reside in Italy, as his parents
do, affects no universal patriotism, but a
special regard for New England, his birth-
place, praises old England, but exhibits the usual
Yankee prejucide against her now and then,
	x A very great mistake.               
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