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Text for Page 216 [05-20-1860]

	   One of Boweryem�s Flames.
went to the hill, Boweryem pointed out an
adjacent farm-house as the abiding place of the
said Eyes.      I asked him whether we weren�t to
go thither.     He said, with a little dejection, that
he had met her that morning; that she had been
�cold� towards him, inviting three other persons
to visit her, but omitting him.        Her name, he
added, had got mixed up with that confounded
duel, and he opined she had been ridiculed into
distaste for him.         When we returned, this
girl and two others, one a small one, was on
the stoop of the adjoining house � the �Phalanx�
building is divided into separate tenements.    She
glanced at us and presently the three strolled
off towards the little wood, where, we following,
they turned and I obtained an introduction.
The Eyes were nice enough, the face regular
and thoughtful, but the girl didn�t look in good
health, as was the case.      Her name is Mary
Bucklin, she teaches school adjacent.    Her elder
sister is engaged to be married to Giles, a
friend of George Arnold�s and John Sears, whom
I have met round in Houston Street and who
was a visitor to Bob Gun�s room last winter.
We saw him walking in the wood with her sub-
sequently: I had talked with him in the morning,
too.       The girls are, I think, cousins to John               
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