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Text for Page 217 [05-20-1860]

	  �Tom� Mapleson�s Death.
Sears, whose family lives in the Highlands,
at no great distance.         Little Boweryem very
much dislikes Giles, says he is a loafer 
with an ambition to go into the Slave Trade.
Giles has been in California; has some money;
does nothing but loaf now.         Evening with
Stedman and Boweryem, occasionally others.
Abed by 10 o�clock.
  21.  Monday.  Up by 6 or earlier of a cold,
windy May morning.  Breakfast with Bowery-
em, Warren, Stedman and gray-haired Eng-
lishman.    (He had been in Australia and sunk
most of his money in some French communistic
experiment, so Boweryem told me.)      Good-bye
to the Phalanx.    A cold ride in the stage, a
brief railroad journey, then by steamer to New
York.      The vessel rolled so that it made little
Boweryem rather ill; Stedman and I enjoyed
it.            I find out he knew, pretty intimately,
Thomas Mapleson, brother to the scoundrel who
married my aunt Annie.         This Thomas was
an intimate of Porter of the �Spirit of the Times,�
of Richards, Herbert (�Frank Forrester�) and
spreed and squandered with them, finally dying
in a cellar, kept by a negress, Stedman
was a sort of college chum of this Mapleson�s.
  At New York again.            I, to Harper�s. �That               
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