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Text for Page 220 [05-21-1860]

	Cahill �editor� of �Nic-nax.�
don�t understand) and creates an impression,
that he is �too good� as little Maguire used
to say.     Then he disappoints �em into the con-
viction that he�s a failure and �deceitful,�
or gets tiffed into retiring on his sensibility.  The
small, thin nectar of his disposition is apt to
sour into as thin vinegar on little provocation,
I find.        Very funny all of this!     Amiability
plus weakness isn�t much, anyway!
  Cahill, installed this week as editor of �Nic-
nax,� thinks privately that Mrs. Levison has
some reason for her distrust that Haney was 
looking too keenly after his interests at the ex-
pense of hers.        When he started the �Comic Mon-
thly� quoth Cahill, he intended it to be as was
the �Nic-nax,� owned by both, himself and Levison�s
widow, but finding it a greater success than
he anticipated, he assumed the proprietorship him-
self, paying her $200 yearly, for the use of
the cuts.       He has made the same bargain with
her, now, (Cahill says they�re worth much more.)
Further, the �Comic Monthly� engravings, being
cut in the �Nic-nax� Office, Haney thereby saved
rent, at least half-rent, that being charged
to the �Nic-nax� firm.   Then the same matter
set up in �Nic-nax,� was, by the printers conni-
vance, bodily transferred to the pages of the               
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