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Text for Page 222 [05-22-1860]

          Dr Waldron.   Boweryem en Prince.
intellectual beauty the girl has, which promises to
be exquisitely womanly.           Haney walked home
with me.
  23.  Wednesday.  Finished article for �Momus,�
then with Bowman and Cahill down-town, calling
for the latter at Haney�s, where he breakfasted,
(having risen too late for ours, not getting home
till daylight this morning.)     To �Momus,� �Nic-nax�
and Haney�s Offices, then to Harper�s, talk
with Nordhoff; then to �Momus� Office again, where
I found, not Addey, but Briggs and De Waldron,
whom I used to meet at the �Ornithorynchus.�
He has been out west, farming in Illinois,
also in England.        A rather bald, white-hair-
ed, white-bearded, clear-complexioned, healthy
looking man; has been an actor and written
plays, mostly comedies.     Said he had been
dining t�other day with Bourcicault and Ho-
race Mayhew, the last being privately in this
city, which bit of news set Briggs agog to
get at him.         Up-town per omnibus.    Little
Boweryem off for Philadelphia in a new suit
of black clothes, of which he was amusingly con-
scious, told Cahill he should make an impress-
sion on somebody�s heart ere he returned!
Did drawing on wood for �Nic-nax,� then
devoted the evening to a letter to my mother.               
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