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Text for Page 224 [05-24-1860]

	           Cahill�s Doings.
for �Nic-nax.�     In the evening called on
Addey, saw him and Newman, then to  Bel-
lews�, where I found Cahill.    Bellew wasn�t
at home, being indeed with Haney and others
at the Waverly, drinking.      Cahill
and I departed together, went to Howell�s
�House of Lords,� thinking we might find Bel-
lew there.      Talk over ale with two actors, one
of them Burnett, stout man, now of Laura
Keene�s � he played in the �Colleen Brown.�  A
girl coming in with bouquets, Cahill bought
one and hung it on to Miss Lizzie Woodworth�s
door-handle, on our return.    But as Mrs.
Boley and other women, none of the youngest,
were in the room and Miss Lizzie not at
home, Cahill�s gallantry wasn�t immediately
appreciated.    He is, confessedly, a little smitten
with the girl, and has evidently been making
love to her.             He is going in for a �Nic-
nax� pictorial, and Mrs. L, his �boss-mis-
tress,� as he calls her, proposes to give him
a third profits.        He says Haney, on his
consulting him, made out it would cost more
that he, Cahill, subsequently ascertained to be
the case.      Cahill talks of doing the three
or four cent monthly in conjunction with Mrs.
L. on half profits � a safer idea than his               
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