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Text for Page 225 [05-24-1860]

	 Banks victimized by Clapp.
his former equivocal one.
  25.  Friday.  Writing �Momus� matter
all the morning.    Down-town in the afternoon,
to Harper�s with proof, then to �Momus� office.
Addey there.    Called on W. Leslie at his
office, sat half-an-hour drinking ginger wine
with him.  The Kings have left Mrs. Potter;
her house is half-empty just now.   Up Broad-
way, passed Sally and, I think Matty; met
Banks.    Banks told me �two of the best jokes
he had ever made,� and deplored his having
sunk $60 in the �Saturday Press,� characteriz-
ing Clapp as a �financial sleuth-hound�(!)
Clapp had written him �a sympathizing letter,� in
response to Banks� application for the money,
but devil a dollar was in it.            Writing �Mo-
mus� copy till 10 1/2, then out for a mug of
ale at the �Optimus,� where  Cahill presently
joined me.        He had been spending the evening
talking principally with Miss Susan Woodworth.
  Morris is talking about leaving.            There�s
an old or middle-aged woman, who has written
a novel on the cheerful subject of the Great
Indian Rubber law controversy (!), which novel
hasn�t any love in it, is ungrammatical
and badly-spelt; hence she wants it revised,
rewritten, in fact.   This job Billington               
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