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Text for Page 226 [05-25-1860]

	Morris going to leave 132.
brought to Morris, who hesitates about
acceptance, the equivalent for the service pro-
posed being lodging and breakfast.           He
is discontented with the prospect of Bowman�s
fellow-ocupancy of his room during the summer
months.         Then, too, he don�t care about any-
body enough to keep him here, where a dollar
may be economized.      I often offend him by
brusquerie and irritation, I know.          We have
a fight about all my criticisms on his writings,
which he will read to me, though he generally
subsequently acknowledges their justice, by
correction or adoption.       Some of these are writings con-
foundedly weak; when I tell him, at first
wrapping up objection prettily, until provoked
into plainer truth.              He�s as sensitive and
captious as a woman and while I sympathize
with it, my hastiness of disposition always
hurries me into disregard of what seems al-
lied to weakness.        Sometimes I feel as though
unjust in my judgment of him, but much 
less so, since that little Maguire business, which
was altogether too bad.           How I should
have liked and believed in Morris ten years
  26.  Saturday.  Downtown, to �Momus�
Office, saw Addey.   Met Cahill, got $12 for               
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