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Text for Page 227 [05-26-1860]

	     More Bohemianism.
�Nick-nax� work.      To Post-Office, met
Banks.    Up-town by omnibus.     Heavy rain-
storm in the afternoon, with lightning.    Reading.
Evening to 10th Street, saw Addey, got $10.
Another rain storm set in which kept me there
for an hour and a half, then to Edwards�,
supposing I should find Haney there.    He had
been there throughout the afternoon, but recently
leaving.     The girls and Jack there, presently
their parents.          �Fanny� and her husband have
called at the house during the week.      Welles is
gone to Minnesota, to visit his relatives.
  27.  Sunday.  Damp and dull day.  Scrib-
bling and chores till dinner.    By 4 to 16th 
street, found Haney at home.       He had been
to Jim Parton�s during the morning, dining there.
Haney said he was on something of a spree, on
Thursday night.   Coming uptown in company with
Bellew, the latter must go into the Waverly,
to get a borrowed $5 from O�Brien, Young Wood
was there, maybe others.  (The Pfaff crowd af-
fet the Waverly now, for feeding, their former
place for drinking.)   They got to champagne drin-
king, went to some exhibition or other (Bellew
leaving previously) then to drinking again and
Haney hadn�t been quite well since.       Another
night being at Pfaff�s, when Cahill was there,               
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