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Text for Page 228 [05-27-1860]

	  A Supper at Mrs. Potter�s.
Haney remarked Arnold�s very characteristic
behavior to his former chum and sworn brother.
The tendency of all this miserable �Bohemianism�
is to dull and debase both intellect and appeti-
tes � to produce an entire atheism to all but
�easy� achievement of money, to be squandered in
drinking and whoring.              Yesternight, Cahill,
going to the familiar brothel which he and Bob
Gun frequented (that where �Dellie� and �Bell�
lived at) partly out of curiosity about these wo-
men, either found or accompanied the young
depraved ass Wood and the �poet� (!) William
Winter there.     Cahill came away, but they
remained all night.             George Arnold goes
regularly to his brothel on Saturday night, to
stay till Monday morning.           These be the
rising �litterateurs� of New York who are
to make their mark, God wot!             Supped
with Haney, Hayes the scene-painter, his
wife mother and sister at table � also Gladdy
(now in his ugly-hood as a young man) Leslie
and wife, Miss Cooper and Mrs. Potter.
The Kings and Eldredges being gone, the
table seemed scantily surrounded.             To
745 with Haney.        He was going to accom-
pany Mort and Cliff Thomson to a fight �
a pugilistic encounter, meeting them at the               
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