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Text for Page 229 [05-27-1860]

         Haney going to see a Prize-Fight.
�House of Lords� at 9, when they would
proceed to the appointed rendezvous, to embark
on a steamer for a dreary night-voyage to
the spot where the brutes where to maul each
other.    Mort went to initiate his brother into
reporting the affair for the �Tribune,� Haney out
of curiosity, with the expectation of making his
expenses by amateur reporting for the �Herald�
or �Times.�      So when I returned from Cha-
pin�s, Haney had left 745.       Mrs. George Ed-
wards and a male visitor were there, besides
Honeywell and the family.   Raining drearily
outside.          Stayed till 11, as usual.
  28.  Monday.  Writing and chores.  Letters
to Dick Bolton and his friend Simpson at
Montreal.    Down town in the afternoon, to
�Nic-nax� Office, returning Bowery-way.  Writing
story in the evening, till 10 1/2.
  29.  Tuesday.  An amusing letter from Bowery-
em in Philadelphia, written on a wet Sunday
evening, when he was without books �except se-
rious ones,� had read �everything else, even to the
name of the maker of his hat,� reserving those
on the buttons of his pantaloons and, hailing as
a discovery, the inscription on a piece of soap �
eschewing only the directions for use on his
razor-strop, in view of suicidal temptations.               
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