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Text for Page 230 [05-29-1860]

	   Boweryem in Philadelphia
He writes about Philadelphia picturesqueness
and greenery, squirrels, birds &c., wants that
$5 lent to Cahill, bids me �tell Lizzie Woodward
he loves her as much as ever,� mentions a certain
�old flame� of his in the Quaker city, who jilt-
ed him (his usual luck apparently), philosophizes
thereon � thus.  �All women set out as the future
brides of the Fortunate Prince, but the beggars and
tinkers of this world have yet no lack of drabs and
trulls to halve their offal and double their cares.�
He has met one Newbould, �who seems to know
me; talks of the Philadelphia papers, of �the
prettiest chambermaid he ever saw,� who recently
entered his room and who, had she remained,
�might have been Mrs. Boweryem No 2. some-
day;� of �a beautiful bride� gathering a nose-
gay for him and decorating his button-hole;
when the newly-made husband applauded so
that it was evident that �his heart was racked
with jealousy, and that his mind misgave him
for quenching the small flame of his bachelor
life.�           Further, he requests me to say
amiable things to the Phalanx folks, if I see
�em, telling me I may �go very strong on Mary.�
The letter reminds me oddly of Barth, who
in some respects was like Boweryem.    At
�Momus� work all the morning, down-town with               
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