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Text for Page 231 [05-29-1860]

	A Letter from Bob Gun
it in the afternoon, found Banks in the
office talking with Addey.    Went to bed,
headachy, at about 9 and read for an hour
or two.
  30.  Wednesday.  A nine-and-a-half page
letter from Bob Gun, at Havana, enclosing two
for posting to England.   Those sent to Ledger,
re-mailed by Cahill to Cuba, have not reach-
ed their intended destination.  They were four
in number containing letters for his father and
mother, �St Orne,� Sutherland, McCullough,
Syme and various others, written and without
New York.    As those to Ledger �contain-
ed important enclosures,� Gun requests Cahill
to inquire after the batch at the New York
P.O.     He expects to return during the sum-
mer,� is going to leave Havana in a few days�
but for what place he has not yet determi-
ned.    The Havana papers were full of the
fight for the championship, and there was con-
siderable betting on the result.      Bob Gun,
�the only Sayers man in Havana,� backed that
hero and is prepared to do so again.            He
�has kept entirely away from women and jud-
ging from his case it is a mistake that the
passions are increased by a warm climate.�  He
alludes to the advertisements addressed to               
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