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Text for Page 027 [09-11-1849]

              ed Long�s letter.	Then a long way up Chestnut, calling
wherever I saw a publisher (saving Appletons � brother to the New
York curs.) A stroll about Philadelphia suburbs. A fine and
pleasant city. A more �conservative look about it� than New York
the dirty, reminding me of much of the west end of London under
a finer climate.     Women very well dressed and wear the prettiest
petite, delicious little boots in the world, the smallest conceivable tip
of glazed leather on the toe.	More trees about Philadelphia than 
New York. The city altogether looks more Aristocratic.	Fine 
white-marble buildings, one I well recollected having seen in daguerre-
otype at Mayalls, in London.   About 3 dined, fried oysters and
omelette.   Then to �David�s�, and in another couple of hours to bed,
being too tired for further rambling.
  12. Wednesday. Up early, breakfast, and off on my rounds.   To
the Publishing Office of Sartain�s Magazine. A Mr. Swanacre. Appoint-
ment at 1.   Thenceforth to a Mr. Butler, publisher, and from
thence to many and multiform Publishers. Grigg, Elliot, Barrington
and Haswell, Copperthwade.  Gihon, (Engraver.)   Thus till 1, then
to Walnut St & Mr. Swanacre.    With him to Mr. Sartain�s. Talk
of my doing the whole of the Illustrative to the Magazine. Appointment
at 4.	Dined at little French Restaurant, then more calls.
To the office of the �Courier�.   To a Mr. Frost, Engraver. Strongly
advised to apply for Govermental Office to Alexander Dallas Bache
Superintendant of the coast Survey, per letter, Professor Frost               
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