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Text for Page 232 [05-30-1860]

	              In Havana.
�Ledger� in the �Herald� from �Constant,� the
last one stating that she �has received the long-
looked-for, welcome letter and, if true, expect-
ed to see him soon.�       (These advertise-
ments emanated from a German woman, who had
been mistress to some rogue, who was hunted
down by Ledger, � the woman he took to Green-
wood, as heretofore chronicled.  Cahill has visit-
ed her since Ledger�s departure.)            Bob Gun
has �had the (?) fever slightly,� the unhealthy
season is about commencing, the yellow fever
is beginning to show itself, and he instances
cases.         He regrets that the bogus account of the
fight published wasn�t of Ledger�s and my
originating.     (It netted a good deal of money.)
He describes the abortive fight between two dogs
and a panther, when the dogs wouldn�t attack
the wild beast, but fit one another �like fury,�
the panther �looking on and evidently enjoying the
fun,� and an equally unsatisfactory contest
between a hyena and a dog in which the lat-
ter proved a thorough craven, doing nothing
but p___ing and barking!     He has witnessed
a bull-fight in which 7 bulls and 2 horses were
killed and one man hurt in the head, being
run over by a bull.    He has risen at 5 for
upwards of ten mornings to witness the               
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